THE TRUTH, Reveals The Biblical Identity, Wisdom And Destiny Of The Descendents Of Twelve Tribes

How did the Hebrews turn White? Parfitt, Black Jews in Africa and the Americas, 162. So at the time when Whites were destroying vestiges of Black history, they had no access to the Assyrian artifacts. Study the book of Hebrews with one of the most trusted Bible commentators in history, Matthew Henry.

As a free adult, Crowdy was one of a generation of spiritual leaders who taught that African Americans were descended from the Israelites of the bible—and that they should return to this ancient way of life. Blacks in America are God's people, not those who inhabit land in Palestine, the Minister said.

There are also other historical and literary sources that provide such evidence and support the fact that the ancient Hebrew Israelites were "Black". By faith in Jesus, the true Israelite, all people can be reckoned as true Israelites. Hebrew Israelites believe both heaven and hell are conditions - mere states of mind”.

Moses is a black Hebrew Israelite from the tribe of Levi of the twelve tribes of Israel. The Hebrew Israelites have some interesting views regarding the end times or eschatology. Even today, the lack of Black businesses in Black neighborhoods and the economic exploitation of Blacks by other races and nationalities are a clear reflection of the God's prophecy.

Texe Marrs' book, DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline , reports on new scientific findings proving that the Jews of today are NOT Jews, but are instead converts from Khazaria and Poland. In the abstract to one of his many essays, Dierk Lange: Origin of the Yoruba and The Lost Tribes of Israel”,” Dierk confirms the traditions of a Levantine (Israelite) origin of the Yoruba Nigerians.

One recently circulated Israelite School video, which has been viewed more than 26,000 times, shows a group of robed street preachers harassing a white woman until she bursts into tears. Jesus did not speak Aramaic to his Galilean friends; He spoke Greek, as did they, for Galilee was golden girdle a Greek-speaking area where some descendants of the former Israelites still lived.

The Israelites were not African. There is mounting evidence that the great majority of Jews today (the Ashkenazim or Eastern European Jews) are not the offspring of Abraham, but descendants of the ancient Central European nation of Khazaria , converted to Judaism in 740 A.D.

If you live in a major city and haven't met a Hebrew Israelite yet, give it time - you will. If you look up all the facts since the beginning of time between the bible and history books it all prove's that blacks were not Israelites. Adam and Eve were black, as were God and Jesus.

They are destined to be killed or slaves for Hebrew Israelites after the Messiah returns. The rate of HIV among black women is 20 times that of the white woman. Unlike the Hebrews, the Egyptians basically wore plain white linen. Some modern religions maintain that their followers are "Israelites" or "Jews" although the meaning of these claims differs widely.

Second Chronicles 35:18 mentions many Israelites celebrating the Passover with Judah around 90 years after Israel was deported to Assyria. According to the Hebrew Bible , the Israelites were the descendants of the sons of Jacob , who was later known as Israel.

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